Retail, like other industries, is facing challenging times. As we mentioned in our recent ‘HR Now’ blog, employers are facing a world characterised by:

  • continuous change – including rapid digitisation and globalisation of service offerings,
  • doing more with less – this is especially so in retail, where customers continue to demand more value for lower expenditure, while wage costs continue to rise, and
  • the emergence of ‘retailtainment’ – not just engaging with customers in-store, but using tools like brand ambassadors to get customers interested and in the mood to buy. The name of the game is to create a ‘customer experience’, which goes beyond merely the hard sell.

What does this mean for employers in the industry? There are three key issues facing retail employers in the next 12 months:
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In our article about the 7 lessons for successful bargaining, we wrote that successful bargainers seek to control the bargaining agenda. They do so with a view to achieving their ultimate goals. But we also wrote that successful negotiations also involve planning in advance for BATNA [Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement] and fallout. A key challenge in achieving change, especially when it comes to the human beings involved in workplaces, is how to deal with a situation that isn’t panning out as hoped. Do you have adequate contingency plans?
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