What matters to HR today? While every client has their own unique challenges, here’s what we are hearing consistently from our leading employer client base.

1. Business change
Change, and big change, is seemingly a constant. Flexible and adaptable businesses require commensurate HR support to drive and implement change effectively.

2. The digital world
The digital world is transforming work and creating opportunities and threats. This is as true in the workplace as elsewhere in a business, making effective HR strategy in this area critical.

3. Recruitment and retention
Amidst challenging economic times, we are being told that attraction and retention of the best employees, together with maintaining an optimal leadership pipeline, is as difficult as ever.

4. Doing more with less
Businesses are demanding the same output with fewer inputs. HR is expected to deliver here too. Greater investment in HR metrics is providing more insight into workplace effectiveness.

5. Workplace transformation
In traditional “blue collar” environments there is more than ever a pressing need to rethink the way work is performed; the way relationships exist in the workplace; and the regulation which impacts it. Doing so in a collective bargaining environment is a significant challenge in many a workplace.

6. Workplace risk has never been higher
Employees are increasingly aware of their rights and they have more of them. The workplace has never been more regulated. The system is generating an ever-growing number of avenues for ‘complaints’. The distraction to business is obvious.

Do you have different challenges?  What do you see as the big issues for HR today?