It’s no secret that Australians love their annual leave.

In recent years, many companies have chosen to go above and beyond minimum standards by offering extra leave – reflecting the view that rested employees are generally happier and more productive at work.

Some companies even let employees decide how much leave to take. For example

Recently, Virgin Group announced through its CEO Richard Branson, that it would be removing its workplace policy that limits holidays for employees. The ‘no policy’ approach to annual leave is to be implemented as a flexible working policy measure that allows all salaried staff to take off as much time as they want, whenever they want with no managerial monitoring of time away from work. The announcement was made during school holidays in Australia.
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With the exponential growth in the world of social media, it is important that employers are well versed as to the impact it can have on recruitment, employment and termination of employment. Provided employers tread carefully, they can reap the benefits that social media provides without putting themselves at risk of claims by their potential, current or former employees. We set out below some of the key issues. 
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