The future of work is in the process of being created. The leaders who seize the immense opportunity to attract and leverage the best talent in a swiftly changing world will excel. Interestingly, our own data shows that more people are hopeful about the future of work than they were five years ago.

You are invited to join Seyfarth co-hosts, David Baffa and Jesse Pauker, for a conversation with Ross Dawson, futurist and one of the world’s leading thinkers on the future of work. This keynote will explore the powerful drivers reshaping work at a dramatic pace in coming years, including:

  • Technology such as pervasive data capture, AI, and 3D videoconferencing that will shift the role of humans in work
  • Rising expectations from employees, investors, and customers that will shape business practices
  • The shift to platform business models which is reshaping the nature of value creation

As a result of the pandemic, companies will have to make fundamental strategic decisions among a diverse array of location-focused or hybrid work configurations, and optimise work practices for the reality of distributed workforces.

As organisations redesign work to focus on the unique human capabilities that complement AI, the war for talent will intensify and job roles will become more fluid. These shifts will accentuate uncertainty and risk in workforce management, but also offer the potential to build exceptionally effective organisations.

If the timing doesn’t work for the first live webinar, you can get a recording to watch in your own time by registering.

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Stay tuned for information for part two of the Future of the World of Work, for insights on the legal implications and issues that organisations should consider as workplaces evolve.



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